That All May Worship Review

That All May Worship: An Interfatih Welcome to People With Disabilities
Publisher: National Organization on Disability, 2000
Editor: Ginny Thornburgh
Co-Authors: Ann Rose Davie, Ginny Thornburgh
Format: Handbook, 52 pp.

That All May Worship is an interfaith manual published by the National Organization on Disability.

From the introduction...

The purpose of the Handbook, That All May Worship, is to assist congregations, denominational groups and seminaries in welcoming people with disabilities. The Handbook is interfaith in scope and concerns people with all types of disabilities. The foundation of the House of God is weakened for all if barriers of attitude, communication or architecture prevent people with disabiliteis from participating fully in the worship, study, service and leadership of their congregation. That All May Worship is a step-by-step "coaching manual" written to enable congregations to identify and remove these barriers

Some of the sections in the manual include:

  • How Shall We Begin?
  • Pivotal Role of the Religious Leader
  • Transportation: Getting to the House of God
  • Information on Specific Disabilities

In the back fo the book is an Audit of Barriers: Attitudes, Communications and Architecture that can help a faith group identify barriers.