Notes from Tom Reynolds on Caring

Below are a few takeaways from Tom's Reynold's presentation at the 2012 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability. You can view a rough draft of Tom's presentation here.

Tom has a son named Chris who is on the autism spectrum (Asperger's syndrome) and in their journey, inclusion has been a buzzword that often leads to dead ends and frustration.

Inclusion depends on hospitality and welcome, which can be half-hearted. What we need instead are intentional practices of care and remembering each other. To listen with the ears of God and to be a caring community.

Care can often reduced to 'exchanges', but it needs to be an action aimed at the well-being of another. Care is not just feelings, it is both a practice and a moral perspective.

Lastly, a warning to be careful about using the word "deserve" it can be rife with problems.

You can also read more from Tom in his book, Vulnerable Communion: A Theology of Disability and Hospitality.

More discussion is available at the Institute on Theology and Disability Community site.