Religion and Spirituality in the Lives of People with Multiple Sclerosis

TitleReligion and Spirituality in the Lives of People with Multiple Sclerosis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsChen, RK, Glover-Graf, NM, Marini, I
Journal TitleJournal of Religion, Disability & Health

The present study explored the beliefs and attitudes of people with multiple sclerosis toward religion and spirituality as related to their disability. A total of 227 individuals with multiple sclerosis completed the Spirituality and {Neuromuscular/Neurological} Disorders Survey, a 31-item, five-point Likert-type instrument designed to investigate how religious and spiritual beliefs and practices factored into their adaptation to living with the disease. Principal component analysis identified three factors: (a) overall level of spirituality, (b) negative connections between spirituality and disability, and (c) positive connections between spirituality and disability. Overall for the survey respondent, those who are Caucasian and those with higher incomes felt less of a positive connection between religion and spirituality; those who worked full-time scored lower on levels of spirituality; and those with higher education felt more of a negative connection between their spirituality and disability.



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